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Thursday 30 November 2017, 7.30pm

Photo by Jasmine Hirst

Lydia Lunch Retrovirus + Gabi Losoncy

No Longer Available

No Wave iconoclast and Big Sexy Noise-queen Lydia Lunch returns to OTO after a fantastic, sold-out show here last year. RETROVIRUS sees her joined by Herculean guitarist Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers), fret-destroying bassist Tim Dahl (Child Abuse) and legendary skins-basher Bob Bert (Sonic Youth/Pussy Galore).

“Lunch is a force among vocalists/presences, and it’s wonderful to be reminded of that so keenly. Her nuance, power, and theatrical dynamism are certainly front-and-center here, but with a cracking ensemble sonically dropped in from the prime era of scum, Retro Virus is also some of the most empathetic music Lunch has made.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

Gabi Losoncy

Gabi Losoncy is a young woman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who makes various decisions with outer consequences based on how she feels, and to the end of expressing how she feels. Generally working in unlayered, linear audio since her time as a member of Good Area, she expands her practice on a case-by-case basis, making great effort not to do anything  unnecessary. She has released and has relationships with Alien Passengers, c a d u c., Impulsive Habitat, Recital, and Kye, and has a book, Second Person, forthcoming from Philip Best's new Amphetamine Sulphate imprint.