Friday 26 March 2021, 7.30pm

Photo by Jase Coop

Loraine James

No Longer Available

Very pleased to host North London native Loraine James; an electronic producer who effortlessly blends Electronica and IDM with whispers of jazz and ambience all wrapped up in the artists key avant-garde aesthetic and sensibility. Having recently released ‘Button Mashing’ on New York Haunted, Loraine has gone on to sign with Hyperdub for her most recent release, 'For You And I', which was recently announced as The Quietus' #1 album of 2019.

“If For You and I serves as a useful reminder that the distinction between cool, contemporary dance music and its dated, out-of-vogue counterpart is wafer-thin, its exhilarating final three songs seal that premise. At under three minutes, ‘Sick 9’ is a brief dalliance with glitch techno; on ‘Vowel // Consonant’, arpeggiated rushes and buckwild drum programming mutates from Jlin-ish post-footwork to rude junglisms; and ‘Words Ears Mouth’ is another one for the ‘sweet melodies / ruff beats’ column, the latter being the full Autechre-dipping-into-breakcore monty.

For You and I is consistent in its spirit with Hyperdub’s catalogue: often in its sound, too, although in a decade and a half the label has covered enough ground for this to be nebulous. That spirit, though, manifests itself in a defiant queerness; a grab-bag approach borne of big city multiculturalism; and a clear fascination with, and love of, sound in general.” – The Quietus

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