Monday 27 August 2018, 7.30pm

DalstonArts150: Film screening – ‘Legacy in the Dust: The Four Aces Story’

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Very pleased to present a screening of Winstan Whitter's documentary film, Legacy in the Dust: The Four Aces Story, ten years since it was first screened at OTO.

Charting the life and death of the legendary 'The Four Aces Club', which started in 1966 in the entrance halls of the 1886 Dalston Coliseum and theatre buildings. It introduced new music genres to the UK and played host to some of the most Influential international music and musicians of our time. Home to many reggae sound systems including Count Shelly and Sir Coxone, who hosted talent contests and made the discovery of Louisa Mark who gave birth to the Lovers Rock genre. It was London's equivalent of the New York Apollo. This club hosted acts such as Stevie Wonder, The Skatalites, Ben ‘E’King, The Ronnets, Desmond Decker, Otis Redding and many others. Visited by Bob Dylan, The Clash, Malcom Mclaren, Billy Ocean, Viven Westwood and Bob Marley who were regular patrons there. The venue played an integral part during 70s and 80s against the backdrop of social issues like, racism, violence and SUS Laws. In the 1980s the Four Aces merged with the main auditorium, it became north London’s legendary home to ‘Labyrinth’ pioneering the new music genres of acid house and drum & bass where ‘The Prodigy’ made one of their first public appearances.
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2018 is the 150th anniversary of Dalston's association with the arts, this is a community-led celebration of the area’s long-established reputation as a hub for artists.
The relationship began in 1868 with the building of artists’ supplies factory Reeves and Sons on Ashwin Street.
The festival, will run for the rest of the year, continues with the screening of the film ‘Legacy in the Dust: The Four Aces Story’.

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