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Sunday 10 July 2016, 8pm

Kelly Jayne Jones & Jon Collin duo + Pascal Nichols & Alecs Pierce + Colin Webster / Peter Simpson / Joel Murray / David McLean (quartet)

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Kelly Jayne Jones & Jon Collin duo

Kelly Jayne Jones known for her experimental duo part wild horses mane on both sides using flute, found sounds and amplified objects, her solo ventures use flute feedback and extended extended technique. Jon Collin is a guitar player of "great abstraction, clangour and depth". By day he works often with wood and operates tape-label-project Winebox Press. His most recent solo releases are the LP 'Early Music' and the cassette 'Non-Accidents, 2014'. This new collaboration is a sonic conversation in between the spaces of the micro-tonal, noise, silence and considered listening.

New tape out on Early Music

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Pascal Nichols & Alecs Pierce

A new collaboration between drummers Pascal Nichols (part wild horses mane on both sides) and Alecs Pierce (Obsidian Pond), exploring cycles and pulses through spontaneous composition.

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Colin Webster / Peter Simpson / Joel Murray / David McLean (quartet)

Representatives from the Tombed Visions label make their live debut in this freshly formed quartet. Featuring critically acclaimed and prolific London saxophonist and improviser Colin Webster, Guitarist Peter Simpson of Circuit Breaker, Joel Murray of celebrated noise rhythm unit Barberos and label owner David McLean on Tenor Saxophone. Their inaugural performance will draw upon the myriad of influences of each of the players to create a sound of intensity and texture.

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