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Tuesday 10 July 2018, 7.30pm

Kate Armitage / THF Drenching / Dave Jackson

No Longer Available

“...as soon as you focus your ear on any single element it changes, swirling away into the silty mulch, as difficult as trying to grab a minnow in muddy pool. Far better to give yourself up to the kaleidoscopic heave...” – We Need No Swords on Shiny Windmill Bugs by Armitage–Drenching–Jackson


Dave Jackson

Reclusive alto saxophone iconoclast Dave Jackson has been active on the UK improv scene for nearly 30 years. Best known for his excoriating sax explorations with the legendary Solar Fire Trio. Dave has collaborated with many stray improvisers who've crossed his path including Phil Marks, Wayne Rex, Richard Hemmings, Olie Brice, Dave Birchall, Dirk Serries and Steve Belger. His music combines atonal abstraction with a primitive passion tuned into an otherworldly spirit channel outside the borders of conventional wisdom.

"Dave Jackson free-squeeks the alto sax into Yoko Ono’s attic" - Julian Cope
"Pure primitive ritual incantation" - Dave Foxall, A Jazz Noise

THF Drenching

THF Drenching is an improvisor from Levenshulme Manchester. He's half of the duo Sippy Cup with Kate Armitage and various other groupings including a trio with Armitage and Dave Jackson. In the past he was a member of Limescale, Derek Bailey's last quintet. He's improvised on the UK Improvisation scene for over 15 years now, with people like Gwilly Edmondez, Mick Beck, Odie ji Ghast, Alan Wilkinson or Luke Poot. He uses dictaphones, dog-toys, voice, whistles, bells and a bunch of other stuff to make rapidly-changing music of a manic oral character which may also contain flashes of largely unsublimated anality.

Kate Armitage

Kate Armitage is a multi-intrumentalist and vocalist. She is opposed to mystification of all kinds. Among her least favourite mystifications are the most deadly boring: "glamour", "talent" and "expertise". She is particularly interested in specifically feminist de-mystifications of performance; this is called playing like a woman. Feeding Tube records released a self titled LP by her band Silver dick. http://feedingtuberecords.com/releases/silver-dick/