Wednesday 2 August 2017, 7.30pm

Photo by Scott Pilgrim

Kara-Lis Coverdale + Flora Yin-Wong

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Heralded as “one of the most exciting young composers in North America” by the Guardian and a “unique navigator of the electronic world” by NPR, Kara-Lis Coverdale is a fiercely independent voice in new music that champions omnivorous approach to sound. She creates colourful and dense arrangements that blur the line between the human and the data with a unique penchant for long-form melody, harmony, and sonic detail. With a dynamic sense of play and conceptual dichotomy, her pieces are shimmering pieces of digital ether that evolve out of polymorphous arrangements of synthesized samples and keyboards processed in surreal and ornate ways. She is a classical pianist by training and has been an organist and music director at several churches since she was 13.

Following a 2014 release of pieces for processed voice that highlight the nature of the voice in the age of data, Kara-Lis released a solo album Aftertouches (Sacred Phrases, 2015), which was named best of the year by The Quietus, The Wire, NPR, and the collaborative album Sirens (Umor Rex, 2015), with LXV. She is also known for her collaborations with Tim Hecker (Virgins, and Love Streams) and her production work for How To Dress Well. She has performed at prestigious institutions around the world, including the Barbican and the Theatre du Chatelet in Paris. She has been composer in residence at EMS Stockholm, and GRM Paris, and has is recipient of a “promising young artist award” by legendary Canadian composer Ann Southam.

Flora Yin-Wong

As her debut live show, Yin-Wong will be showcasing material that hinges on this concept, working with roughly-sampled field recordings, dissonant melodies, and influences from contemporary club culture, such as her recent piece 'Lugere' released via Berlin-based PAN’s ‘mono no aware’ vinyl compilation since working for the label. Her previous works such as a cassette tape release last year on New York's PTP label as part of their 'CELL' format was also inspired by identity in bloodlines, and Daoist traditions relating to tutelary deities and the afterlife. Besides remixes for the likes of Eaves, Scintii, and Celyn June, she has also contributed to Ziùr's Co-Op release alongside the likes of M.E.S.H., GIL, and Sky H1, and Lara Rix-Martin's Objects Limited imprint ft. Coucou Chloe and KABLAM.

Previously a digital editor at Dazed Magazine and contributor to the likes of dis, DUMMY, Under/Current, RA and Riposte, she also writes fiction for Somesuch, on similar subjects of mythology, perspective, and belief. As a DJ, she has played PAN’s showcase at the likes of Berghain, to gigs across the UK, Tokyo, New York, Shanghai, Antwerp, Seoul, and guested on shows on NTS Live, Boiler Room, BCR, and made mixes for the likes of The Wire, etc.

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