Tuesday 2 May 2017, 7.30pm

Photo by Axel Schütt

Kammer Klang: Scenatet performs Matt Rogers + David Helbich

No Longer Available


19.30 Doors
20.30 Programme begins

Fresh Klang: Benjamin Oliver – Mr. Turquoise Synth (2017)

Yshani Perinpanayagam, piano


Matt Rogers (world premiere)

Scenatet Ensemble
Vicky Wright, clarinet
Mina Fred, viola
My Hellgren, cello


David Helbich, No Music – A performative rehearsal


DJs: Slip

Mr. Turquoise Synth

Mr. Turquoise Synth (2017) is scored for solo piano and bespoke 1-bit pulse synthesiser, which has been specially designed by Blake Troise (aka PROTODOME) for this project. The work explores how the contrasting sonorities of the piano (acoustic) and synth (low memory electronics) and modes of production (human/computer agency) can be combined and juxtaposed. Initially the duet partners are isolated but gradually become entwined in a playful and dynamic relationship.


Scenatet was founded by artistic director Anna Berit Asp Christensen in 2008 and moves in a cross-genre field of music, drama and happenings towards areas with yet undefined genre. The ensemble aims to create conceptual art works where music is part of a larger whole. They work with many types of productions, in close collaboration with composers, directors, artists, filmmakers, festivals and art spaces. Scenatet consists of 12 permanent musicians and works with the younger generation of Danish and international composers, including Peter Ablinger, George Aperghis, Kaj Aune, Joanna Bailie, Jeppe Just Christensen, Christian Winther Christensen, Juliana Hodkinson, Jacob Kirkegaard, Simon Løffler, Jessie Marino, Sarah Nemtsov, Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri, Niels Rønsholdt, Francois Sarhan, Salvatore Sciarrino, Simon Steen-Andersen, Bent Sørensen, Manos Tsangaris and Jennifer Walshe. Scenatet has performed at festivals such as SPOR, Wundergrund, Klang and Pulsar in Denmark, Ultima, Bergen Festspillene and Borealis in Norway; Transit Festival in Belgium; November Musik in the Netherlands, MaerzMusik and Heroines of Sound in Germany, Nuit Blanche in France, Shanghai New Music Week in China and and the UK’s Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Scenatet is supported by the Danish Arts Council, the Danish Arts Foundation, Conductors Association, KODA, Sonning-Fonden and Wilhelm Hansen Fonden.

Matt Rogers

The British composer Matt Rogers has written for and with a host of leading instrumentalists, ensembles and technologists, creating music and installations for concert halls, theatres, galleries and public spaces. He has received the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Composers and has been Artist in Residence at the Southbank Centre and Tokyo Wonder Site. He was also the first composer to be commissioned by London’s Art on the Underground. Previous commissions include The Virtues of Things for Royal Opera, Aldeburgh Music and Opera North. Rogers is currently collaborating on new work with the American chamber orchestra Alarm Will Sound.

David Helbich

David Helbich studied composition and philosophy in Amsterdam and in Freiburg. He has lived and worked in Brussels since 2002. He creates various experimental works on stage, on page, online and in public space. His trajectory moves between representative and interactive works, pieces and interventions, between conceptual work and actions. A recurring interest is in the understanding of an audience as active individuals and the search for an opening up of experiences in an artistically restricted space. Tonight he will perform No Music – A performative rehearsal.

“No Music is no music, but still a musical experience. No music, still for your ears.

Since 2010 I have worked on scores for pieces that could be performed right at the spot, in whatever context, as long as one could freely use both hands and had two functioning ears. The pieces offer notated situations of organised listening and simple ear manipulations.

I understand the this material more as a practice than as a series of composition, even though they can appear as such. Pieces appear in printed form as well as in spontaneous performances or entirely set theatrical or concert performances.

These interventions are entirely personal and therefore not so much interactive as ‘inner-active’, self-performative. The reader as the performer as the listener.” – DH

Benjamin Oliver

Benjamin Oliver is a composer of, in the main, contemporary instrumental music and has had more than fifty performances of his work by performers including London Sinfonietta, BBC Symphony Orchestra, lutenist Elizabeth Kenny and jazz pianist Ivo Neame. He is interested in creating complex musical structures and textures that draw on influence from a wide range of genres including contemporary classical music, jazz and pop music. His musical ideas often contain loops that reference riff-based music but are combined, or offset by, a fascination with mechanical devices and systematic processes. He is also a conductor and a jazz pianist.

Yshani Perinpanayagam

Yshani Perinpanayagam is the pianist of The Del Mar Piano Trio, the company pianist of Rambert Dance Company and performer with Showstopper! The Improvised Musical.


Slip is an imprint releasing exploratory work which negotiates the fringes of new instrumental and electronic music. Slip currently operates from London and Berlin, curated by Tom Rose and Laurie Tompkins.

Since 2012, the label has focused on rallying a growing community of idiosyncratic artists, curating live performances ranging from intimate instrumental settings to basement clubs. Showcases play with the implications of the spaces they occupy in a sincere attempt to expand their basic function.
On record/live Slip have hosted: Leo Abrahams, Dave Bainbridge, Bass Clef, Tom Bayman, Chaines, Oliver Coates, Dori Deng, Mark Fell, Hana Fujimoto, David Futers, Larry Goves, Heatsick, Mica Levi (a.k.a. Micachu), Tom McKinney, MFAAH, Mira Calix, Alex Mitchell, Aisha Orazbayeva, Aaron Parker, Quentin Haas, Sam Quill, REFUSENIK (a.k.a. Arturas Bumšteinas), Tom Rose, Joe Snape, James Snazell, Mary Stark, Conor Thomas, Rian Treanor, Laurie Tompkins, Ian Vine, Wanda Group, Matthew Welton and Wulf.