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Sunday 15 July 2018, 7.30pm

Jay Glass Dubs + CVX (RUPERT CLERVAUX) + Bokeh Edwards (DJ)

No Longer Available

One of the leading lights of experimental dub electronics, Athens native and core member of the Bokeh All Stars. Dimitris Papadatos (aka Jay Glass Dubs) is a composer, musician and sound artist based in Athens Greece. The main concern in his work is an apposition of disparate elements that assume a re-appropriation of historically applied methodologies while questioning forms of empowering them.The biggest body of his work reflects issues as copyright, spirituality and originality, undergoing a constant state of transfiguration of its outsourcing.

Jay Glass Dubs is an exercise of style focusing on a counter-factual historical approach of dub music, stripped down to its basic drum / bass / vox / effects form.

"This is a world you should be getting to know." – Resident Advisor

Bokeh Edwards

Bokeh Versions is an experimental label formed in 2015 in London (now based in Bristol), exploring the outer reaches of dub musics.
Alongside close label allies Seekerinternational and Jay Glass Dubs, they've had releases with Equinkoxx member Time Cow and Low Jack,
as well as collaborating with DFA Records (of LCD Soundsystem fame). Through a long-standing monthly residency on NTS radio as well
as gigs all over the world (including the Tate Modern in London) - they are providing a home for outernational sounds, global mindsets and science fiction dreams.

"Bokeh Versions is the otherworldly embodiment of modern sound system culture, a label that harks back to the most experimental years of early dub and roots while charting a voyage into the cosmic future." Red Bull

"Since launching his new school dub label in late 2015, Opland has tasked himself with conjuring a little of this much needed mystery,
allowing the fates to weave him an intercontinental tapestry of largely unknown musicians.....whether it’s lovers rock sampladelia from Canada,
kuduro-infused club dubs from Japan or alternative histories of King Tubby via Athens, every release in their catalogue is connected by
Opland’s ear for the irregular, the emotional and even the spiritual." – The Wire

CVX (Rupert Clervaux)

Rupert Clervaux is a musician, audio-engineer and writer, based in London and Mallorca. He was a founder member of Sian Alice Group (2007-2012), and since then has collaborated on numerous projects with, amongst others, Beatrice Dillon, Spring Heel Jack, Ben Vince, Alexis Taylor and the Radiophonic Workshop. His mastering credits over the past decade include releases by a wealth of acclaimed experimental, electronic and improvisational artists. Working as his CVX alter-ego, he released the first two instalments of his Zibaldone series in early 2017 (on Laura Lies In). A number of releases are planned for this year––including ‘Zibaldone III of CVX’ (on Berceuse Heroique), collaborative work with Ben Vince (on Where to Now?) and a solo double LP of his own poetry set to music, featuring collaborations with Anna Homler (on Laura Lies In).