Friday 13 May 2022, 8pm

Jason Sharp + Sydney Spann + Li Yilei

No Longer Available

Excellent double-bill with Montreal-based saxophonist and electro-acoustic composer, Jason Sharp, alongside New York sound artist and musician, Sydney Spann.

Jason Sharp

A mainstay of Montreal’s avant-jazz, experimental and improv music community for many years, Jason Sharp is a saxophonist and electro-acoustic composer whose increasing focus on solo work since 2015 has yielded an intense and immersive corpus of music that fuses technology and the human body. Sharp blends a mastery of extended saxophone technique with customized microphones and electronics that translate his horn, breath and physical pulse into an array of triggers, samples and modular synthesis – resulting in formidable, visceral, highly evocative and unfailingly musical works of electroacoustic biofeedback. Across three albums for iconic experimental music label Constellation, Sharp has been charting a singular soundworld embedded in his unique compositional processes, which rely on a combination of exceptional instrumental performance on baritone and bass saxophones, prefiguration/configuration of bespoke technology, discipline/control of corporeal bloodflow, and responsiveness to the stochastic variability of each performative iteration. 

Sydney Spann

Sydney Spann, originally from Baltimore, MD, is a sound artist and musician based in New York. She works with synthesis, chance operations, recursive compositional processes and voice to intervene within a personal archive of field recordings, culminating in long form compositions and improvised performances. Her music engages the private experiences that shape public spaces, and the affective dynamics within childcare work. She has released albums with Ehse Records (Baltimore), She Rocks! (NYC), and Reading Group (NYC), with a full-length release forthcoming on Recital in 2022. She has performed at the High Zero Festival of Experimental Free Improvised Music, The Walters Art Museum, Bar Laika by e-flux, and in diy spaces and galleries throughout the US. Recent works for streaming include Sending up a Spiral of on Montez Press Radio and Attached/Detached (partial disappearance) for ISSUE Project Room’s With Womens Work Series. She is a 2022 Artist in Residence at ISSUE Project Room and an MFA candidate in Music/Sound at Bard College.

Li Yilei

Li Yilei is a London-based multi-disciplinary artist and composer working across performance, text, theatre, sculpture, and installation. With a background in fine art and sound art, their body of work finds profundity in subtlety and the banal, translated into abstracted sonic and visual languages. Li’s body of work and musical releases reflect their practice of alternative modes of listening and existence, as well as the contemplation ofphenomena. 

Their musical work, which polarises between tranquil and minimalist, and abrasive and harsh, frequently incorporates found objects, theremins, tapes, field recordings, modular synths, and the guqin. Raised by a Buddhist nun, Li’s work is strongly influenced by the Eastern ideologies of emptiness, zen, and transience. Being on the autistic spectrum, Li’s sensory processing issues and neurodivergent perceptions significantly informs their creative process, and their work can be perceived as a product of this navigation.

Since 2017, Li has been performing internationally and releasing music, as well as composing and producing for theatre. Their work has been showcased and performed in museums, concert halls, and international festivals, as well as reviewed/featured in various digital and print publications.

Instagram: li_yi_lei_

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