Tuesday 24 March 2020, 8.30pm

LIVE STREAM: Ill Japonia & Shaka Bose – solos and duo (w/ Eastern Margins)

No Longer Available

Great double-header from Ill Japonia, the solo project of Taigen Kawabe, bassist & lead singer of acid-rock weirdos Bo Ningen, and "Tokio Shaman, Shinjuku ritualist" Shaka Bose, streamed live from an empty Cafe OTO. Hybrid of Spiritual land/grounded street, go back and forth between reality and surreal. Ill Japonia and Shaka Bose both play and pray by their own modern trap way for this current situation.

Tracing a line between the swagger of The Blue Hearts, the ecstasy of BABYMETAL and the vivacity of Shibuya's 2020 rap scene, Ill Japonia presents a vision of hope.

Shaka Bose communes the destiny of Japan's youth. Using trap as the portal into his own altered world, Shaka Bose brings spirituality crashing into the modern world; torii 鳥居 gates guard the entrances of their URL reality, mumbled chants are delivered via Instagram sermons. Completely self-produced, their sound is littered with digital artefacts, all held together by a voice that floats in-and-out of view like a wraith. 

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