Friday 3 April 2020, 7.30pm

I Jahbar & Bokeh Edwards + Kinlaw & Franco Franco + Java Java Wetware ft. Ben Vince

No Longer Available

This show has unfortunately been postponed due to travel issues relating to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. We're working to reschedule this show and hope to have an update on that as soon as possible. Please see:

Duppy Gun’s prime MC I-Jahbar and Bokeh Version’s head honcho Bokeh Edwards (DJ) team up to bring their twisted, futuristic dancehall and dub soundsystem music to the UK for the first time. Born in the Truro District, Westmoreland (Jamaica) I-Jahbar started DJing, MCing and dancing in his local communities in the mid-90s. He first teamed up with Duppy Gun (LA/Jamaica based experimental dub/dancehall collective) after a meeting with The Congos in 2013, and to this day continued a strong relationship with the collective; collaborating internationally and toasting over various producers beats, as well as working to foster other local Jamaican artists in his community. Bristol-based Bokeh Versions have been solid supporters of I-jahbar and Duppy Gun productions, releasing the stunning ‘Miro Tape’ last year alongside constant slews of genre-bending soundsystem music.

Kinlaw & Franco Franco

Cybornetic Industrial rap duo Kinlaw & Franco Franco teamed up for repeated spontaneous neural-freestyle sessions within the gorges and dungeons of Avon some time in 2018.

The duo blends Italian ill-rapped nervously apathetic tales from the present and the future with decraniumatossically blasted beats stuffed with nuclear reactor failures and Aztec whistles. ‘Mezzi Umani Mezze Macchine’, came out on Avon Terror Corps in April 2018.

Java Java Wetware ft. Ben Vince

Avon Terror Corps' disposable CDJ goth duo Java Java Wetware unite with London experimental saxophonist, friend and collaborator Ben Vince (Where To Now?, 33-33, Blank Editions). This will be a one off, never-to-be-repeated performance of improvised cowboy-chanson jazz-noir plunderphonics with original vocals and percussion.

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