Thursday 27 February 2020, 7.30pm


London-based singer-songwriter experimentalist Koichi Yamanoha has been operating under the alias of Grimm Grimm since 2013. The project is an outlet for his fragile, emotional, haunted, otherworldly forays into baroque folk, futurist lyricism and electroacoustic oddities. Born in Tokyo, Yamanoha's first solo record, 'Kazega Fuitara Sayonara’(Good Bye When The Wind Blows), was released in late 2014 via Kevin Shield and Charlotte Marionneau’s Pickpocket Records in collaboration with Honest Jon's. This was followed up with his debut album, “Hazy Eyes Maybe”, was released by ATP Recordings in 2015 and tracks from the album were used as soundtrack for the Aaron Brookner / Jim Jarmusch directed documentary film “Uncle Howard” featuring William Burroughs. His sophomore album, “Cliffhanger” was released in June 2018 via Some Other Planet Records. And his 7” single remixed by Klein was released via Kosher Hino (Goat / YPY)’s Osaka-based cult label, birdFriend in June 2019.

Sister Static

Sister Static is the avant-garde music project by a MPG award winning record producer, mixer and recording engineer, Marta Salogni. She dabbles in her own, still-unreleased, tape loop-based music, using her collection of Revox and Ferrograph reel-to-reels.

Salogni’s musical background was cultivated in her native Italy between the small towns of Capriolo and Brescia, where she spent her formative years, collaborating with musical acts of all styles. She started working as a live sound engineer for the local social centre and independent radio station Radio Onda D'Urto, non-profit left-wing venues and counterculture organisations for a variety of gigs, festivals, and theatre productions. As a producer and mixer, Salogni has worked with esteemed artists such as Bjork and among others.