Monday 26 November 2018, 7.30pm

Glorias Navales + Ben Pritchard & Sholto Dobie & friends

No Longer Available

Glorias Navales started as an acoustic trio of guitar duo and a hand-made “Bailes Chino” drum and a rabel fiddle. They rehearsed constantly in a basement in Santiago, Chile.

Different origins gathered around the triangle formed by the band.

After more than a year of rehearsing, creating, and composing, a cassette came out on Traición 73 Records followed by the group’s first live presentations. Shortly thereafter KYE records published Glorias Navales’ first LP, Cofradía Náutica, a collection of live and studio recordings.

A while later the band incorporated a ukulele before touring Europe turning into a five piece.

October 2018 is when their second LP on A Wave Press is coming out.

Electrical instruments has been added now to configure their new sound.

Melancholy and hope join intuitively in basic and repetitive melodies.

Christian Bartlau / acoustic guitar, electric bass
Alvaro Daguer / “Bailes Chino” bass drum, keyboards
Ivan Daguer / ukulele, electric guitar
Tomas Salvatierra / eléctrica guitar, viola
Jose Luis Sepulveda / rabel & ocarina

Ben Pritchard & Sholto Dobie

Ben Pritchard & Sholto Dobie are joined by Ashley Paul and Otto Willberg, their first performance with this expanded line-up. 

Ben Pritchard & Sholto Dobie's music for guitar, voice and percussion brings together acoustic experimentation with melodic song-like structures, drawing out moments of obscurity, fragility and tension. They have performed live throughout the UK and Europe and 'Live at Cafe Oto' the duos debut release on Wagtail is out this winter. Ben Pritchard released 'A Drawn Out Line' on Wagtail and plays in the Ashley Paul ensemble. Sholto Dobie has released music with Alvaro Daguer on Cosmovisión registros andinos and OtoRoku, and collaborates with Lia Mazzari. He also runs the long-standing event series Muckle Mouth.

"Nails placed between strings disrupt playing, while moments of singing are sporadic and hoarse. Emphasising fret buzz, the two guitarists are attuned to creating fragmented textural effects rather than melodies"
The Wire, Feb 2018

Ben Pritchard and Sholto Dobie - At Cafe Oto Forthcoming release on Wagtail, out late 2018