Monday 15 July 2019, 7.30pm

FPBJPC + Brigitte Hart + Secluded Bronte

No Longer Available

FPBJPC: the group's members are Peter Friel, Jonathan Gean, Michael Pollard, and Ben Schumacher. They will play effected and uneffected electric guitars at Cafe Oto for the third or fourth show of their European tour. Their last performance was at Sean McCann's Recital label event at the Ear Inn, New York, Earth Day night 2019. Friel matched with his guitar and crawled backward to the audience (he had played the role of an instrument before). Gean did anything (with a guitar). Pollard has a solo guitar album, They Don’t Have Cheeseburgers in Europe, on Friel’s Prestige & Poverty label. Schumacher was in Berlin. Loren Connors sat and watched. I dreamt that I was in an old house: At every dream-interval, it seemed one-quarter familiar, three-quarters strange. Someone was watching me from a gloomy bullseye. I had a feeling that I was not supposed to be there—yet, with the chance to escape, I drifted past the door and deliberately meandered to an armoire in a corner. Inside, I discovered a smattering of tapes which I imaginatively identified as related to the American underground label Spite. Was this about FPBJPC? Then the time slots closed. The guitars had been so much guitars. Some of the audience seemed to hang their heads in shame for having heard them as accordions, penny whistles, synthesizers, or pianos. Others may have relished the mishearing or felt free to get a drink or a burger downstairs.
- Aaron Kaplan, June 7, 2019

Brigitte Hart

Brigitte Hart is an Australian sound artist working across installation and performance. Currently based in London, her practice explores relationships between voice(s), objects, histories, and place, often drawing on text, environmental recordings, remnants and vocalisation. She holds particular interest in exploring the art of small sounds, sounds that can be imagined, and the memory of sound.

Secluded Bronte

Formed in 2001, the group are Adam and Jonathan Bohman (The Bohman Brothers) and Richard Thomas, who has a fascinating musical history including collaborations with the likes of Squarepusher, Stereolab and Add N to X.

Secluded Bronte mix pre-recorded sound compositions with live electroacoustic music using a variety of non-instruments. Performances also incorporate songs, occasional quasi-poetical outbursts and theatrical stagings.

Secluded Bronte