Wednesday 19 October 2016, 8pm

Foodman + Organ Tapes + Jxn xoxo (DJ) + Honnda

No Longer Available

“Foodman - aka Takahide Higuchi - is a truly singular Japanese producer linked to the local footwork scene, though his music is often detached from the genre’s conventions. He strives to transcend the rules of dance music, through various risk-taking experiments with rhythm and timbre, clever juxtaposition and bright, colourful sample pallettes that make his music cheerful and accessible, despite radical deconstruction techniques.” – Unsound

食品まつり a.k.a foodman a.k.a Takahide Higuci is an electronic music producer and visual artist based in Tokyo. His renaissance-like take on and knowledge of music is probably the most positively disconcerting trait of his work. He actively deals with several types of song forms, techno, house, pop, raw electronic percussion, concretism, footwork, ambient, with an incredibly creative, musical and wild take on melody, harmony, timbre and syncopation. Having said that, his work is not about variety as fetish or gratuitous imposition, but a profoundly cultured, intuitive and open take on the possibilities of all vocabularies that he observes and masters and deals with with precision. This tour is part of foodman’s first visit to perform in Europe. He has released work on numerous labels, namely Digitalis, Noumenal Loom, Patient Sounds Intl., Good Enuff in US and Dubliminal Bounce, Бh○§†, Sound Of Romances, Melting Bot or Orange Milk, which has just released his acclaimed ‘Ez Minzoku’ album. 

Organ Tapes

Organ Tapes is a producer/singer/DJ from E5 Shanghai. He has worked with the labels Tobago Tracks, Bala Club, Eternal Dragonz and Astral Plane Recordings and played music on NTS Radio, Radar Radio and Rinse FM. He is influenced by DJ Nate, Arthur Russell, friends, family, London, Shanghai, the film " 小武" by Jia Zhangke, the TV show "The OC" amongst other things. His sets are a mix of live vocals, rap, dancehall, afrobeats, noise, musique concrete, chinese pop and more.

“Sitting somewhere between James Ferraro’s post Far Side Virtual output and the Endless/Bala Club axis (Endgame, Lexxi, Kamixlo and co), Organ Tapes debut is a gorgeous, uncanny valley take on dancehall and afrobeat. Written between Shanghai and London, a sense of rootlessness is conveyed through the drifting autotuned vocals. The mixtape is far from aimless though, with lush, R Plus 7 style synths and a solid rhythmic backbone keeping everything on course: a truly special statement of intent from a producer that is definitely worth watching out for.” – Truants on "Word Life"


Honnda "could alter how you view dance music from here on out." -Impose Magazine

"There are a million weird similes that could be used to describe Honnda’s Diamonds In The Microwave. You could say that it’s like being in a nightclub made of melting candy and power tools. You could say it’s like being at a futuristic pep rally at a school for wayward mannequins. That said, you don’t need an onslaught of fetishy creative writing to tell you that this album isn’t like anything you’ve heard before." - Stereogum

Described by Thump as a "molecular, plasticine anarchy," Amnon Freidlin keeps it as base as possible while positing a hyper-detailed, violently elastic approach to jubilation. Blinged out enough for the next world's dance floor or a Tyondai Braxton orchestral score, the NYC workhorse etches a fully formed language into the stone. Going stag as Honnda, he also works on video and audio in Mouthguard88, plays guitar with chamber-punk experimentalists Normal Love, and is a former member of psychedelic post-industrial unit Zs. Channeling a common ancestor to disparate beasts, Freidlin has seamlessly been able to share stages with forces as varied as Sightings, J-Cush of Future Brown, The Sun Ra Arkestra, and Matmos. With contributions from Dai Burger and Will Rahilly, his latest release -- Diamonds in the Microwave -- is out now on Orange Milk (US) via tape, and Attracted Vinyl (UK) on wax.