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Wednesday 7 December 2016, 8pm

Fluxconcert featuring Áine O'Dwyer and local guests

No Longer Available

For the second night of the residency, Áine O'Dwyer and guest artists present an evening of Fluxus event scores. With Angharad Davies, Ali Warner, Carole Finer, Diana Policarpo & Kazuko Hohki.

Diana Policarpo
Visual artist and composer based in London and Lisbon. Her work investigates power relations, popular culture and gender politics, juxtaposing the rhythmic structuring of sound as a tactile material within the social construction of esoteric ideology.

Kazuko Hohki
Professional tourist from Japan. Cultivated a long career since arriving in Britain in 1978. Specialized in authentic Japanese accent.

Angharad Davies
Contrary to most people’s belief Angharad doesn’t live in Wales but has been living in North London since 2002.

Ali Warner
Continually rebounding between multiple identities of sensible grown-up, domineering tyrant and small child, Ali finds that making the sounds and movements she likes is the only time she can really be herself. Whoever that is.

Carole Finer
Visual artist, Scratch Orchestra member, musician, improviser, composer, broadcaster, sound recordist, retired lecturer, traveller, grandmother, old lady.

Áine O'Dwyer
Áine O’Dwyer's role lies somewhere between the roles of vocalist, musician, improviser, composer, performer, listener, sonic Stalker and audience member.