Monday 18 February 2019, 7.30pm

Fancyyyyy Night: Tom Mudd + Marcin Pietruszewski + Fua

No Longer Available

Fancyyyyy present a night of music to celebrate the release of Tom Mudd’s Brass Cultures, and Marcin Pietruszewski's upcoming release with the New Pulsar Generator (nuPG).

Tom Mudd

Tom Mudd is a musician and programmer interested in relationships between software, composition and improvisation. His recent work revolves around physical models: digital synthesis processes based on numerical simulations of acoustic objects and instruments. His upcoming release on Fancyyyyy uses massed brass synthesis: digital models of physically improbable brass instruments being played by algorithms. Previous work released on the Entr’acte label explored similar territory with his own synthesis processes. He currently lectures in sound and algorithmic music at Edinburgh College of Art.

Marcin Pietruszewski

Marcin Pietruszewski a composer and researcher based in Edinburgh.

He is engaged in sound synthesis and composition with computers, exploring specific formal developments in the tradition of electroacoustic music and contemporary sound art, as well as extra-musical domains of auditory design, computational linguistics and psychoacoustics. He works across performance, multimedia installation and radio productions probing the dynamics between formalism of synthetic sound and its material realisation.

He has collaborated extensively with musicians and composers - e.g., Marcus Schmickler (performed and recorded Schmickler's Demos for choir, chamber quintet and electronics), Tristan Clutterbuck (fancyyyyy), Jules Rawlinson and Lauren Sarah Hayes. Recent projects include a collaboration with Florian Hecker and a graphic design company NORM from Zurich and a new commission for ZKM in Karlsruhe.


FUA is a trio of Tina Krekels, Adam Campbell and Tristan Clutterbuck; currently based in Berlin, Glasgow and Manchester. Since 2012 they have collaborated as a trio and as part of larger groups using voice, synthesis, saxophone and guitar. They co-run the fancyyyyy label and synth editions together, which has forthcoming releases from Tom Mudd and Marcin Pietruszewski. Forthcoming open source hardware releases include complex and chaotic oscillators. Two of three members have cats, the other doesn’t, he’s allergic. FUA enjoys making music together.

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