Wednesday 7 August 2019, 7.30pm

Entr'acte presents: Native Instrument + Jon Doe One + DJ Camp David

No Longer Available

Entr’acte presents Jon Doe One from Antwerp and Native Instrument from Berlin and Stavanger. Both have new releases (E237 and E244, respectively) which will be available on the night. DJ Camp David will interfere between the shows.

Jon Doe One is the alter ego of Hannes d’Hoine, a double-bass player  and composer from Antwerp. His collaboration with guitarist Sjoerd  Bruil and Magnum photographer Sohrab Hura, The lost head and the  bird, has led to a series of live events in which the framework for Small Numbers was established. Together with a handful of guest musicians (Elko Blijweert, Michaël Brijs, Jeroen Stevens, Han Stubbe and Gert Wyninckx) the material was distilled and refined into the album’s eight tracks.

Native Instrument is the collaborative project of field recordist Felicity Mangan and abstract vocalist Stine Janvin Joh. Often referred to as insect techno, Native Instrument’s music is constructed using electronic and vocal adaptations of wildlife audio recordings originating mainly from the Australian and North European fauna; mixing the natural rhythms of animal calls with digital effects and vocal imitations, Native Instrument enlightens a sonic ambiguity between rural nature, electronics, and the human voice.

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