Monday 20 April 2015, 8pm

Photo by Shumon Basar

Entr’acte present: André Vida + Mittland Och Leo + Lee Fraser + Dale Cornish (DJ)

No Longer Available

A night from the Entr'acte label featuring Berlin-based, Hungarian American saxophonist, composer, and lyricist, André Vida, Antwerp-based synth duo Mittland Och Leo, composer Lee Fraser, and Dale Cornish DJing.

André Vida

Andre Vida (b.1974) is a Hungarian American saxophonist, composer, and lyricist living in Berlin. Vida has been at the forefront of several major developments in experimental music, including his membership in Anthony Braxton’s original Ghost Trance Ensemble, his world record 403 performances at the Serpentine Gallery responding to Anri Sala's film Long Sorrow, performances with The Tower Recordings, and his extensive collaborations electronic music visionaries Jamie Lidell, Tim Exile, Kevin Blechdom, and Rashad Becker. 

Mittland Och Leo

Mittland och Leo is Antwerp-based duo Milan Warmoeskerken & Joke Leonare.

“These hi-hat tropics will blow those future autumn leaves straight out of your head, although bass lines in this LP bump ever so gently towards the softer edge of the dance floor. The bittersweet synth lines switching between Atomium-era exotica and the memory of a perfect summer lone gone by, will tickle your brain where it hurts so good. Nobody can surf that peculiar wave as good as Milan Warmoeskerken and Joke Leonare. The melancholic twins who are behind all this magic.”

Lee Fraser

Lee Fraser is a British composer whose work blends aspects of acousmatic theory with the compositional methods of computer music. His live performances employ a range of digital synthesis processes and a structural rationale that are characteristic of his fixed pieces, a selection of which comprises the Dark Camber album, published by Entr'acte in 2014.

Dale Cornish

Born, raised and current of London (south), Dale Cornish has released a series of acclaimed albums for Entr’acte, including Ulex (2015 and Aqal (2017) along with releases for labels including Where To Now?, The Tapeworm. In addition to this he has done remix work for artists as diverse as Merzbow, Perc and Billie Ray Martinand collaborations with Powell, Adam Asnan and Andie Brown in addition to a regular duo with Phil Julian, memorably/horribly described as “Coil for the Trump age”.

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