Sunday 22 May 2022, 8pm

Photo by Mark Lewis

Eli Winter & Cameron Knowler + Shovel Dance Collective

No Longer Available

Pleased to wlecome the acclaimed instrumental guitar duo of Eli Winter & Cameron Knowler, following the release of last year's Anticipation LP, named as one of Pitchfork's '8 New Records That Reimagine What a Guitar Can Do'.

“This record is stunning. I wasn’t prepared for this level of mastery.” – Rosanne Cash

Cameron Knowler

Cameron Knowler is a multi-instrumentalist, educator, and recording artist who specializes in jazz, bluegrass and old time music forms. He has established himself as an accompanist, collaborator and solo artist, with a parallel focus on sharing his craft with others. Knowler holds a degree in jazz guitar performance from the University of Houston’s Moores School of Music, yet enjoys resisting the chokehold of normativism. He is based in Los Angeles.

Photo by Robb Klassen

Eli Winter

Eli Winter is a musician and writer based in Chicago. A self-taught guitarist and native Houstonian, Winter has been praised as a "generational talent" (NYCTaper) for his masterful instrumental music, which has received praise from Pitchfork, The Guardian, the Chicago Reader and others. He is a 2021 Luminarts Fellow in Creative Writing.

Photo by Julia Dratel

Shovel Dance Collective

After a variety of regular meet-ups, chance encounters and song-filled trips to Margate by old friends, new friends and friends of friends - the nine musicians of Shovel Dance Collective were formed. They are brought together by a communal passion for the folk traditions of England, Scotland, Ireland, and beyond. Not only preserving, they act to nurture and synthesise this source material with the members eclectic interest in other musical forms, by drawing sensibilities from drone, free improvisation, contemporary classical and metal. With a rich array of instrumentation at their disposal they dig up new ways of playing through research in primary sources and folkloric history. Woven deeply into the fabric of the collective is a sense of folk as the music of working people, a set of narratives that hold within them queer histories, proto-feminist narratives and the rich world of those who created and create the wealths of the world. They are simultaneously traditional and experimental, not seeing folk music as an archaeological artefact to be unearthed, but as a living and breathing communal activity that is inviting and generous to those it speaks to.

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