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Friday 14 June 2019, 6.30pm

Not Waving & LSC – Ecstatic Recordings takeover: Abul Mogard & Marja De Sanctis play ‘Above All Dreams’ (live a/v) + Diet Clinic DJ + Not Waving plays ‘Futuro’ (live a/v) + Pye Corner Audio as The House In The Woods (live) + Primitive World & Anna Quiroga (live)

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Not Waving aka Alessio Natalizia, in collaboration with LSC, takes over Cafe Oto for two nights with a line-up spanning the entire breadth of Ecstatic Recordings, the label he co-runs with friend and collaborator Sam Willis.

The two day event features a handpicked array of guests, special projects and exclusive collaborations, all closely associated with Natalizia and the label.


Active since 2013, Ecstatic shines a light on contemporary musicians as well as digging out seminal inspirations, joining the dots from Novo Line’s algorithmic body music to Not Waving’s computer acid and environmental tonal abstractions, via Jay Glass Dub’s inverted dub-scapes, Abul Mogard’s layered emotional music, Gavin Ryana Russom’s interweaving melodies and everything in between.

ABUL MOGARD & MARJA DE SANCTIS play ‘Above All Dreams’

Legend has is that Abul Mogard was born in Belgrade and spent most of his life working in a Serbian factory. Mogard states that he started making music after retirement as a way to reconstruct physical and emotional environments that were dear to him. His sound palette is created by synthesisers, Farfisa organs and other devices, some of which he has built himself over the years. This live performance will be based on his latest album “Above All Dreams” and will be accompanied by live visuals from long-time collaborator Marja de Sanctis.

Diet Clinic

Diet Clinic is Kristina McCormick, NTS resident DJ and video director based in London. Diet Clinic is a platform showcasing female djs/artists and supporters of. It is a reflection of our sexuality, our environment and our minds. McCormick launched the Weaponise Your Sound series on International Women's Day last year. Optimo Music has now launched a sub-label of the same name backing McCormick's project releasing the ‘Weaponise Your Sound’ charity compilation to support the London charity Focus E15, which fights for equitable housing.

NOT WAVING plays ‘Futuro’

Not Waving aka Alessio Natalizia is a London-based Italian musician and NTS Radio resident DJ. His highly acclaimed albums 'Animals' (2016) and 'Good Luck' (2017) were released by Diagonal Records. He runs Ecstatic Recordings and was the curator of 'Mutazione - Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988' (Strut Records, 2013). He recently released an 'at a distance' collaborative record with Jim O’Rourke and ‘Futuro’, the sublime synth/environmental soundtrack to one of the world’s most intense art/theatre experiences: Sean Rogg’s radically immersive ‘The Waldorf Project’.


Over the past few years, the Head Technician has been churning out amazing looking-back-to-move-forward records at an astounding rate. From his sinister retro-futurist jams, to dark drone, to dance floor fillers - his fluid muse maintains his indelible mark.
The 'House In The Woods' moniker first surfaced in 2010. It shears away the pulses that linger in Pye Corner Audio to set adrift in an utterly beatless abandon of emotionally charged drone music.


Primitive World is the moniker of UK producer Sam Willis, who co-runs Ecstatic with Alessio Natalizia. After a stream of releases for Black Acre, Obsession and R&S he released the forgotten art maverick Marlow Moss inspired record ‘White On White’, a direct result of the artist immersing himself in Moss’s oeuvre, or what is left of it (most of her pre-WWII output was destroyed in the war), with results strongly reflective of the austere clarity and modernist structure of her works.
He will be playing a special live show accompanied by London based Spanish harpist Anna Quiroga.

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