Saturday 6 January 2024, 7.30pm

Svartvit photo by vogonlaundromat


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Exploring the boundaries of sound since 2009. Svartvit sculpts corporeal sonic landscapes that pulsate with raw intensity. Through extensive manipulation acoustic sounds are held captive in the liminal space between their point of origin & grotesque indecipherable slabs of distortion.


On paper they sound like solicitors in real life they are agnostic barrel throwing DIY performance artists with a penchant for both the destruction of the physical and ideological. Literal Living Ear Ache, Lydia Morgan (musonic/cybercrud/harshfemme) is best known for her many drone, HNW and flashcore activities while Henry Collins, for his post ironic Avent-EDM breakcore shows/tunes as Shitmat. Together they are one of the most unpredictable things you 'll ever see.

Pro Chaos, Anti Boring

Morgan & Collins - by Morgan & Collins

La Brea Pulpit

Now in their seventh year of praising tetrahydrocannabinol through phantasmagorical electronic abstractions, La Brea Pulpit AKA Vymethoxy Redspiders and Squander Accrue, a sea-hag and a goblin from darkest Leodis, join forces by the alchemical powers of ganja and electronic synthesis to summon a microbial astral landscape of dissolving black-hole drones, obfuscated pulsar melodies and filter driven solar radiation noise that often builds to a cacophony like a collapsing space station. Over the years their sound has mutated from a full-whitey inducing racket to the scuttling, flecks of biochemical light-in-the-dark-depths sounds of the Crayfish-Mind 3 bowls deep and back around again resurfacing as something more intricate and delirious, the once purely analogue array now expanded into digital and sample based technologies, yet still ever centrally focused on the Chronic.


Hardware / software electronic improvisation duo by Ren Shang and Zheng Hao from China, using samples and their own materials, field recordings, lives etc. Setup includes mixers, laptops, cassette players, etc. Slightly different or very different every time.

James Shearman is a noise being of Leytonstone, London, who spreads his many tendrils into the various areas and crevices of noise. From mantric harsh noise and power electronics as 'Shearman', feedback worshipping high-end wail and wall noise as 'Gutter Carrion', blackened noise as 'Roadside Dead', dronegaze as 'Echoes throughout the caverns of Leytonstone', dungeon synth as 'Jåshlýkk' and a glut of aliases recording and performing HNW and various other sub-sub-genres. In 2023, recording and performing under his own name has taken the specific direction of working with amplified metal improvisations and compositions. He is also currently performing in the duo Brand New Flesh with Lydia Musonic and the London-via-Chicago duo Drooling with Alyce Ice - among many other ongoing collaborations.

Oishi - by Plague Arish

TX Ogre

A machine-code Milford Graves, ripping Han Bennick a new operating system. Hyper rhythm Cheapo keyboard free-jazz.