Thursday 17 February 2022, 8pm

diy with: LIL ASAF [LIVE] + O$VMV$M [LIVE] + Felix Hall [DJ]

No Longer Available

Bashar Suleiman aka Lil Asaf is a Jordanian-Palestinian artist based in Amman, with a muffled rage and sometimes a lancinating melancholy, Lil Asaf's flow resembles a magnetic and cavernous soliloquy. His lyricism guides deconstructed productions with industrial colours: a grime in Arabic, cracked by ambient flashes. Both producer and MC, Lil Asaf multiplies his collaborations in a forward-looking approach that federates the scenes and works towards their communitarian and social affirmation.
Lil Asaf has an upcoming debut LP on CEASE 2 EXIST, and Single release with diy records expected soon.

Bristol-based duo Amos Childs of duo Jabu, and Sam Barrett a.k.a. Neek, who’s best known for his grime, dub and dancehall-tinged collaborations with Kahn. The name is a jumble of the names "Amos" and "Sam", with the letter V representing an upside-down A. Together they make sample based music woven together from B-movie horror films, old jungle/hardcore tapes and found/recorded sound. Heavily inspired by dub and its process of subtraction they often work backwards and strip away and warp elements until the original source material is barely recognisable.

Felix Hall (DJ)
DJ support from CHROME imprint boss, with an open ear to all eras and styles, the London-based NTS resident and DJ Felix Hall brings eclecticism and an element of surprise. CHROME / NTS / Few Crackles / TTT

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