Friday 21 February 2020, 7.30pm

Demdike Stare (live) + Ecka Mordecai (live) + Andy Votel (DJ)


Two day residency from Demdike Stare, the occult project of Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty. After years spent mining vinyl bins for source material, the pair started working in earnest back in 2008, re-appropriating sounds they had spent a lifetime cataloguing into weird and immersive music of their own. Up until 2012 Demdike had produced a trio of albums (Symbiosis, Tryptych and Elemental) loosely themed around the occult and the rich heritage of Library music.

In 2013 the first in an ongoing series of exploratory 12″s brought together under the ‘Testpressing’ banner appeared on Modern Love, finding Demdike heading onto more intense, brutal terrain. Inspired by everything from Industrial music to Noise, Free Jazz to House, Techno and Concrète. Then in late 2016 they surprise released their 4th album Wonderland, shaking off the occult themes and further extending their own mutated forms of dancefloor rhythms.

Demdike Stare have refused to rest on their laurels or become too comfortable with their surroundings, something that’s perhaps most evident when evaluating the sheer scale of the projects they have undertaken in the last 18 months. From live-scoring films for the BFI to more commercial soundtrack work in Hollywood, from their ‘Concealed’ productions with Krakow’s Sinfonietta Cracovia and video artist Michael England, to the esoteric selections of their all-night DJ sessions, and searing late night club sets anyone lucky enough to have seen them play will no doubt have imprinted on their minds.

Ecka Mordecai

Ecka Mordecai is a player of the cello.
Her language involves listening, channeling and mediumship, improvisation, and out-of-tuneness.
She is also a sound artist specializing in minimalist and absurd instruments. Most notable are her egg-flutes, which were performed by the Egg Octet in the Scottish Highlands.

Ecka Mordecai writes/records/releases/performs in the trio Circaea with Andrew Chalk and Tom Scott (The Bridge of Dreams, 2019), in duo with Kate Armitage (Easy Cow, 2019), and on works by Antoine Beuger (Ockeghem Octets, 2017), Taku Sugimoto (Cello Solo 1, 2018), Thurston Moore (Leave Me Alone, 2019).

Photo by Agata Urbaniak

Andy Votel

Andy Votel is a musician, DJ, record producer, graphic designer and co-founder of Twisted Nerve Records and the reissuelabel Finders Keepers Records. Votel began making hip-hop music in the late 1980s as the youngest member of the group Violators of the English Language (from which the VOTEL stage name is derived). In 2000 Votel signed to XL Records. He recorded two albums for the label, Styles of the Unexpected (2000) and All Ten Fingers (2002). These albums featured original Can singer Malcolm Mooney, Guy Garvey, Gramme, and Jane Weaver. Votel's music is often released under a pseudonym. His aliases include Applehead, Anworth Kirk, Tandy Love, Xian Orphic, Slant Azymuth, Neotantrik, and Tony Deval.

Having built a reputation through Violators of the English Language, Votel began mixing psychedelic music with jazz and hip-hop records at clubs like The Hacienda and Home And South from the early 1990s. He is an internationally renowned DJ and has performed at events such as Sonar, All Tomorrow's Parties, and the Green Man Festival. Votel founded the B-Music DJ Collective alongside ex-Hacienda DJ and journalist John Maccready. Other B-Music collaborators include David Holmes, Belle And Sebastian, Edan, Bob Stanley, and Gruff Rhys. Votel has presented shows for Radio 4 such as 2011's Free Wales Harmony, which documented the history of Welsh protest music. He appears regularly alongside Stuart Maconie on The Freakier Zone show on BBC 6 Music.