Saturday 15 January 2022, 8pm

Clay Pipe Music presents: Andrew Wasylyk + D.Rothon + Gilroy Mere (Oliver Cherer)

No Longer Available

Clay Pipe is a London based record label established in 2011 by Illustrator Frances Castle, it specialises in releasing atmospheric instrumental music with a strong theme or sense of place. The label is highly regarded for its beautifully produced vinyl LPs.

Andrew Wasylyk

Andrew Wasylyk is a Scottish multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer who has led many interdisciplinary projects, collaborating with a broad spectrum of creative practitioners, including visual artists, choirs, poets, playwrights and choreographers.

Wasylyk's arrangements span the breadth of contemporary-classical, ambient soundscapes, through to cinematic scores and spiritual-jazz, often embellishing these with experimental electronica. His work has been lauded in mainstream press, such as The Times and The Herald, through to independent cultural platforms, The Quietus Clash and Record Collector Magazine His 2020 album, 'Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation’, was selected as Album Of The Year by BBC Radio 6 Music’s Gideon Coe, and was long listed for Scottish Album of the Year. In 2021 he released 'Balgay Hill; Morning in Magnolia' on Clay Pipe Music an album inspired by morning walks in Dundee’s 19th century Balgay Park.

D. Rothon

David Rothon is a musician from south London who has been involved in a variety of musical activities over the years, from garage bands to experimental  spoken-word projects. These include a collaboration with Ian Masters (Pale Saints) as Sore & Steal and, more recently, pedal steel on albums by Lost Horizons (on the John Grant-fronted track Cordelia), Liela Moss and Johanna Warren. He has released two well received solo LPs on Clay Pipe 2019s Nightscapes - which was inspired by the feelings that are triggered and heightened by the dark hours; recurring dreams, hypnagogic states, and half-sleep visions, and 2021s Memories of Earth which reflects a spectrum of emotional responses to the idea of space travel – from the optimism and wonder of childhood dreams to the sense of disconnection, isolation and loss we might feel on a one-way trip to Mars.

Gilroy Mere / Oliver Cherer

Trading as Dollboy, Rhododendron, and Australian Testing Labs as well as his own name, Oliver Cherer has meandered his way through the backwaters of left of centre English folk, ambient and electronic music, issuing numerous albums of original music to much critical acclaim via highly regarded boutique labels such as Static Caravan, Second Language, Deep Distance, and Polytechnic Youth. He has released two albums for Clay Pipe under his Gilroy Mere moniker, 2017 Green Line a paean to the buses that once linked central London to country towns and 2020s Adlestrop - an album inspired by the Railway stations and the spaces they left behind, after they were closed by the Beeching cuts in the 1960s.

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