D. Rothon

David Rothon is a musician from south London who has been involved in a variety of musical activities over the years, from garage bands to experimental  spoken-word projects. These include a collaboration with Ian Masters (Pale Saints) as Sore & Steal and, more recently, pedal steel on albums by Lost Horizons (on the John Grant-fronted track Cordelia), Liela Moss and Johanna Warren. He has released two well received solo LPs on Clay Pipe 2019s Nightscapes - which was inspired by the feelings that are triggered and heightened by the dark hours; recurring dreams, hypnagogic states, and half-sleep visions, and 2021s Memories of Earth which reflects a spectrum of emotional responses to the idea of space travel – from the optimism and wonder of childhood dreams to the sense of disconnection, isolation and loss we might feel on a one-way trip to Mars.