Friday 2 November 2018, 7.30pm

Chik White

“A thoroughly unique and brilliant experiment with the instrument that proves less is more.” – The Quietus

Darcy Spidle has long used the moniker chik white for various art projects. His latest efforts centre around the jaw harp, a pancultural, ancient instrument steeped in mystical allure. Inspired by sound poetry, noise, free improvisation, Dada, nature, psychogeography, and the human voice, chik white harp explorations aim to conjure visceral experiences. Performances can be chaotic, comedic, and even bloody. Each live engagement is different.

chik white has released nine albums on various labels, including a recent retrospective LP on Feeding Tube Records and a live tape on Chocolate Monk. His work has been covered by The Quietus, Tiny Mix Tapes, The Wire, CBC, Exclaim!, Canadaland, and more. A new collection of chik white music and ramblings will be available on Kraak this fall.

“Some passages are so glumpsy they are hilarious, others have a darkly industrial vibe, and the bulk is righteously freaked. A fine thing.” – The Wire

“Spidle’s wheezing gasps circle around the plastic pops and clicks of his harp in a quizzical dance, a surreal duologue spouting forth like twin streams of organic data.” – We Need No Swords