Wednesday 16 January 2019, 7.30pm

Photo by Dawid Laskowski

Cam Deas + Rob Lye + Philomene Pirecki

No Longer Available

Great triple-bill featuring three artists pushing at the edges of electro-acoustic composition and performance.

Cam Deas

Cam Deas is a musician and sound artist based in London. His work ranges from solo acoustic guitar through live electro-acoustic works to pure synthesis and computer generative music, exploring composition, improvisation and the space in between. Recent projects have also extended to designing sound installations with Shanghai-based artist Zhang Ding. Cam's most recent record, Time Exercises, is a purely electronic exploration of "synth and computer productions resulting in these staggering studies in polymetric, mercurial and dissonant tunings" and was released in Spring 2018 by The Death of Rave.

Rob Lye

Rob Lye is an artist and musician based in London. Recent exhibitions and performances include ‘RAIN’ APT Gallery,2018 (Solo) ‘Speculative Field Recordings of the Near Future’ Outpost, Norwich 2017 (Solo), ‘Mute Outtakes’, Dyehouse 451 (Solo), London 2017 ‘Early Confessions’ STORE/ASC, London 2014 (Solo), ‘Open Sound’ selcected by Paul Purgas, Outpost, Norwich, 2018, ‘Enter the Dragon’, ICA, London, 2015.

He released ‘Ink’ in 2017 on the label Stairwell Editions.

Philomene Pirecki

Philomene Pirecki is a multidisciplinary artist based in London working with photography, painting, sculpture and sound. Pirecki’s audio-visual performance is built around somatic rhythms, layered breathing, vocalisations, resonance and electromagnetic energy. The recordings generated by her own body work with variations in her heartbeats, lung volume and capacity, physical exertion and emotional states. Using both analogue and digital technologies, she shapes this into textural sonic material and visceral bass rhythms.

Pirecki has performed live at Wysing Polyphonic music festival, Wysing Arts Centre and at South London Gallery, and has recently exhibited work at Supplement, NYC; Chelsea Space, London; Kunstmuseum Luzern (within Laure Prouvost’s solo exhibition); Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland; Pace gallery, London; Palais des Beaux-Arts, Paris; State of Concept, Athens; South London Gallery, London, and was shortlisted for the 2013 Max Mara Art Prize for Women.

She currently co-runs Casa Delirium a London based clubnight and performanceprogramme.