Friday 11 October 2019, 7.30pm

BRUCE MCCLURE (LIVE) / JIM O’ROURKE (INSTALLATION) in ”The Hypnotic States Of America”

No Longer Available

Please note that Jim O'Rourke will not be performing live at this event.

Two of America’s most adventerous audio-visualists in a heavyweight bout - Trance Atlantic Trip Metallers - alloying the Eye & Ear - each providing one improvisatory electronic music pieces.

”Out here we is stoned. Immaculate” as the late, great rock shaman Jim Morrison wrote in nineteen hundred and sixty-nine.


‘I don’t use optical printers. I don’t need a camera, I don’t need lights, I don’t need actors or actresses, I don’t need a producer, I don’t need a sound man.’ (Bruce McClure)

Since McClure brought his projection performances to Europe in 2003 he has travelled the world with his unique sight and sound performances, always carrying with him the least considered yet most essential component of cinema culture: the projector.
'Know Thy Instrument' is the title of one of his recent essays, It is indeed quite simple – yet also a severe simplification – to inscribe McClure into a lineage of avant-garde filmmakers, and more particularly the Structuralist filmmakers of the 1960s and 1970s. Like Frampton, McClure writes about his own work in witty, highly authentic terms. Like Paul Sharits, he acknowledges the projector primarily as a medium for coded information in the form of light pulses. His calculated deconstruction of normative cinema is never a purely cerebral affair, as the energy unleashed through light and sound makes for a very physical impact. Like Sharits, as well as Tony Conrad, McClure maximizes the flicker effect, rather than trying to smooth it over to obtain an illusion of continuity. Along with Conrad, McClure has a primarily musical approach to the metric patterns he is producing.

In 2009 he opened for Throbbing Gristle on their American Brooklyn & Chicago dates - he shook the walls of Jericho, laid discipline on the Industrial Quakers, making ’mincemeat’ of many of the attending faux-freaks.


Resides in Japan since around 2000. To date has never again travelled abroad from that counry, and tonight is no exception.
But since 2013, O'Rourke has used his Steamroom Bandcamp page to release his original electronic music pieces.
Tonight we will premiere a new, as yet untitled - work using a triple cocktail threat of three Moog Mother 32’s units provided by Moog Music Inc (USA) under the inviation of thR the Moog SoundLab (UK) & Moog Recordings Library record labe.
Advancing the 1950’s & 60’s traditions of ’tronic musics delivered to the public as tape playback pieces in combination with his specified multiple light source mirrorball visual sound-to-light corollarium.

O”Rourke has over the years produced albums by artists such as Sonic Youth, Wilco, Stereolab, John Fahey, Tony conrad, The Red Crayoloa, Joanna Newsom, Faust and many others .O'Rourke was once a member of Illusion of Safety, Gastr Del Sol, and Sonic Youth from 1999 to 2005, also he played for the Merce Cunningham dance company for four years. He has released more traditional song based albums via Drag City to great critical acclaim.

An evening to back and mortal the portals tripadvisors.

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