Tuesday 15 May 2018, 7.30pm

Photo by Jeremiah Chiu

BITCHIN BAJAS + The Hairdressers

No Longer Available

Bajas Fresh is on the beach, existing and thriving in the same wrecked world as you and me. It's been over three years since the last proper Bitchin Bajas album - a natural paradise of woodwinds, droning organs, analog synths, field recordings, and an ever-expanding sense of MORE (and LESS). In between then and now came a series of collaborative LPs, and each time these varied external stimuli came into contact with the Bitchin Bajas' achromatic process, it left the group with expanded perimeters to traverse.

So 2018 - what's new? Everything and nothing, probably! The pursuit is still the same: a perfect continuous flow. The means to attain it are in full, fluid transition, woven into the strands that unspool so peacefully. The use of percussion and even drumkit is evident for the first time ever. Plus a horn section, a cover song....but before you start thinking that this Bajas Fresh is some kind of whole-cloth change, recall to your mind that the nature of equilibrium around Bitchin Bajas is such that new properties tend to melt into the surrounding texture, providing vivid sonics without uprooting the mindset. And they do.

On Bajas Fresh, the cellular system of Bitchin Bajas continues to synthesize amid an externald ecosystem also of the Bajas' making, both growing naturally together into a state maybe not that far removed from its former incarnation, while still essaying refreshing new tones for new zones. Succulent half-speed mastering done at Abbey Road gives the LP pressing greater depth, extension and resonance than all previous Bajas incarnations, but the 2xCS version of course promises its own unique experience. Get our of your sound rut and freshen up - with Bajas Fresh!

Bitchin Bajas

Bitchin Bajas started in 2010 as solo side project for Cooper Crain, guitarist of Chicago Krautrock heroes Cave. Since then, Dan Quinlivan and Rob Frye joined the band and Bitchin Bajas have got the public attention thanks to a perfect, extensive discography on quality record labels such as Bathetic, Permanent, Hands In The Dark and Drag City. The trio play warm, instrumental, psychedelic and melodic ambient music, mixing minimal 60/70’s electronic with original acoustic elements: flute, saxophone, xylophone, woodwinds to name only a few.

The Hairdressers

The Hairdressers are Robyn Steward (trumpet with fx) and Kathy Hulme (cello)

Kathy Hulme is perhaps best known for her work with the Honkies in the 80’s, but more recently has played with her duo the C siders with Rob Storey (Club integral). She also performs solo; singing and spoken word. She is an Alexander Technique teacher and has worked in music education for the last 20 years as a Kodaly music educator. 


Upon attending a spaceheads gig in January 2016 Robyn Steward realised she came from the same planet as Trumpet player Andy Diagram and drummer Richard Harrison ( both formally of the honkies). Robyn started to incorporate effects into her trumpet and now sounds like the love child of the honkies , and now plays with a pedalboard resembling a spacecraft ready for adventure. Robyn has several duos ( jazz biscuits, Two horns) a trio Robyn and the bar stewards and a on hiatus band of 5 trumpets and 1 keyboard “ Robyn Steward and the Hatonauts”. Robyn has now used her skills to educate others in looping , her personal experiences of disability enable her to connect with others in a unique way.

Robyn will speak on a panel at South by South west ( SXSW) this year about neuro diversity and inclusion of artists with learning disabilities and autism in the music industry , Robyn receives practical support e.g navigating forms , and help managing her disabillites so they dont get in the way ( Robyn feels disability makes her no less of a musician and is determined to break down peoples misconceptions of disability in music all the music making and creativity comes from Robyn ) from Heart N Soul who belive in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities (www.heartnsoul.co.uk). Robyn is Autistic had written 2 books and is a visiting research associate at UCL focusing on making the voices of autistic people heard and respected.