Friday 11 March 2016, 8pm

Bad Bonn presents: IMOTO KILBI w/ Camilla Sparksss + Papiro + Julian Sartorius + Strotter Inst. + Dj Doug Shipton & Andy Votel

No Longer Available

NOTE: Due to health issues Bruno Spoerri has unfortunately had to cancel his performance at this. In his place will be an performance by 'Papiro'.

Bad Bonn, The Venue & The Kilbi Festival

Düdingen is a boring and safe town, where we grew up, where we played soccer, right at the french / german speaking border in Switzerland. This is the village where, in 1991, we discovered a perfect place, a kind of a middle class restaurant on the countryside, at the end of a road, close to the beautiful lake of Schiffenen with its castles on the majestic sand stone rocks.

Per accident, this house became a venue. Behind the unpretentious, almost conservative façade, an unexpectedly well selected concert programme is proposed, the posters for which might just as well hang in London, Berlin or New York. Black metal, electronica, noise, jazz, indie or hip hop, there is room for the whole range of niche and periphery products of the pop and experimental music world. Bad Bonn is a peaceful rock hole, an open spot for everybody to meet people for a chat or a drink.

The annual highlight is the Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival. The capacity is 2500, there are 3 stages, and the venue is sitting in the middle of the site.
The Kilbi is a place where: Hot Chip are jamming with the Sun Ra Arkestra, Geoff Barrow tells the audience that this is how festivals should be, where the production manager from QOTSA is praising a "very well done hippie festival", where Will Oldham prefers to play in the small venue and where Cat Power washes the dishes and says hello to the foxes, rabbits and fishes.
We are rock’n’roll, open for new trips and ready to host good people from anywhere.


20:00-20:30 Introduction by the Djs
20:30-21:00 Strotter Inst.
21:15-21:45 Julian Sartorius
22:00-22:30 Papiro
22:45-23:15 Camilla Sparksss
23:15-00:30 Dj Doug Shipton & Andy Votel

Strotter Inst.

Strotter Inst. is generating dense sound- and rhythm-structures by using five modified and manipulated Lenco-turntables and various cut or scotched records. The music ranges from a low-fi rumble changing into concrete clicks and scrapes, followed by epic drones and multilayered broken beats to fall back into tricky bass-meditations. Hardly using sounds from LP's the main source of sound are the prepared pickups (i.e. sewing needles or strings instead of the diamond or the extended use of rubber bands). The treatment involves the unclean nature of the sounds as part of the music.

The anachronistic machineries have dual roles as objects and as instruments. The first live impact is as installations, then the sounds start to grab the listeners' attention. The auditive level surpasses the visual one. Therefore, the optical comprehension of how the sound is generated plays an important role. In spite or probably because of the analogue creation the structures produce a contemporary and accurate atmosphere in space and time. The set is adapted for each rooms conditions and depends upon the uncertain behaviour of the machines. So each live appearance becomes an acoustic original. Strotter Inst. prefers to play in the middle of the audience. The installation is set up especially for each room.

Besides the work as a musician, Strotter Inst. is creating sound objects and installations out of turntables. The abbreviation "Inst." can both mean "instrument" or "installation".

Julian Sartorius

‘Julian Sartorius is basically someone who turns everything he comes across into a percussion instrument. Now we all love to hit the odd pot or pan, but turning it into music takes true passion. That man with drumsticks for hands lives in the Swiss capital of Bern and he has been stirring up the world of drums and percussion for quite some time now. The ex-drummer of Sophie Hunger made headlines with his mammoth-project “beat diary”, where he recorded a beat a day for 365 days, recorded on 12 vinyl records. As a true and true field-recorder, he values the sound of a flicked light switch as much as a clanking piano. This aphex twin of percussions is a sound collector, a forerunner, a combiner and companion.’ 
Mario Corpataux


Marco Papiro is a graphic designer, violin player, and electronic musician, who oscillates loosely between psychedelia, futurism and metaphysics. He's been around since 1995 and has played hundreds of concerts with different outfits in Europe, Brazil and Japan. Papiro's music owes much to the early works of Battiato, Asmus Tietchens or even Bruce Haack, but comes off originally enough to stand on its own. Nowadays he performs with his Moog Synthesizer celebrating pure ethereal and occasionally heavy electricity. As a graphic designer he's mostly known for his artwork on Panda Bear’s «Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper».

Camilla Sparksss

CSSS is an electronic project formed in 2012 by Canadian filmmaker/punk musician Barbara Lehnhoff, in collaboration with Swiss producer Aris Bassetti.
On stage Camilla Sparksss is a female duo that combines electronic punk with contemporary dance; the outcome is a lo-fi physical experience, with a heavy electro eighties noise sound. The performance has a huge live impact.
Imagine „Beat it“, slowed down, distorted and sung by a shark.

Djs Doug Shipton & Andy Votel

Are you ready for funky progressive rock from communist-era Hungary? How about film soundtracks recorded in Lahore during the golden age of Pakistani cinema? Or maybe 1970s psychedelic Turkish protest songs?

All these and more can be found in the catalogue of Finders Keepers Records. Quite unlike any other archival labels before us, Finders Keepers also boasts what could be described as a “label roster” with many multiple LP releases of lost music from repeat artists who have in time become trusted friends. Atari music composer Suzanne Ciani, Gainsbourg collaborator Jean-Claude Vannier, Swiss electronic pioneer Bruno Spoerri, Polish soundtracker Andrzej Korzynski, French conceptual disco monster Jean-Pierre Massiera and many more ...Abetted with reputations as multi-faceted DJs, designers, writers, radio presenters, record producers and above all obscure vintage record collectors Shipton and Votel combined forces under the name Finders Keepers.

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