Thursday 29 September 2022, 8pm

Baba Yaga's Hut: My Disco + Samuel Kerridge + Regis (DJ)

£20 £18 (DICE)

MY DISCO was formed in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia, by brothers Ben and Liam Andrews (both originally from London) and Rohan Rebeiro. They took their name from a Big Black song.

Based between London and Melbourne since 2010, their first public appearance was performed at The Good Morning Captain, a cafe and performance space in Collingwood, a suburb of Melbourne. MY DISCO became known for their use of unconventional venues, having organized performances on side-walks, in galleries, and warehouses alike.

The band founded their own record label, Crashing Jets, to release their own music. Following a limited cassette release, the band released a 7”, Collapse of an Erratic Lung (November 2003), and a 10”, Language of Numbers (September 2004, also available as a CD), both on Crashing Jets.

In 2018, MY DISCO recorded their 5th studio album with Boris Wilsdorf at Einstürzende Neubauten’s studio andereBaustelle in Berlin. Their most uncompromising recording to date, the album was released through Downwards Records. Written over a two-week period during Berlin winter 2018, the band decided to let their surroundings shape the sound of their new material. Recorded in a place that has seen Einstürzende Neubauten, Keiji Heino and Pan Sonic pen works, the band became immersed within the confines of the space and immediate surroundings and set to create a record that has become a dark and intense departure from their previous releases.

Samuel Kerridge

Samuel Kerridge, with his signature sonic arsenal, stands alone in the worlds of rhythm and noise. A singular artist, his music is to be appreciated on its own terms.
His productions find a strange poetry in illegible communications, stripping meaning down to raw emotional response.
Each track is a visceral slab of power, aiming to deconstruct any pre conceived notions by means of a cross pollinated methodology.

Whether experienced via his releases on Downwards records, Blueprint, Horizontal Ground, and his own imprint (and esteemed Berlin event series) Contort, or live, the listener is subject to overwhelming waves of hyper-sensory stimulation.

Whatever form his music takes, Samuel Kerridge continues to evolve, always pushing the limits of sound and space.

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