Wednesday 3 August 2022, 8pm

Archaic Vaults presents: oxhy + Severin Black + Zeynep Ağcabay (dj)

No Longer Available

Archaic Vaults presents: oxhy + Severin Black + Zeynep Ağcabay (dj)


oxhy is a musician from London. 2021 saw the release of their debut album ‘woodland dance’, an imagining of the future’s lost folk songs. Through collaborations with the likes of Elysia Crampton, Yves Tumor and Felix Lee, oxhy has birthed a singular take on the modern gothic. Their live performances veer towards the ecstasy of group ritual.

Severin Black

Severin Black practices as a sound artist, musician and film composer based in London, whilst also running the experimental electronic label Archaic Vaults. Departing from their abrasive techno leanings as Nape and earlier history as a drummer in touring punk bands, this new sonic iteration sees a return to acoustic percussion, investigating the communicative possibilities between drum membrane and activating frequencies.

Zeynep Ağcabay

Born and raised in Istanbul, Zeynep Ağcabay's music explores the juxtaposition of Eastern and Western influences on their identity. Growing up with traditional Turkish music playing at home, Zeynep went on to discover new roots in London. Their experimental approach aims to discover a unique blend of these two sonic worlds by composing unusual structures of abstract percussions, ambiguous vocals, ambient soundscapes mixed in with instruments inspired by Turkish ney, kanun, davul and darbuka. Their first release was part of the label Archaic Vaults cassette compilation ‘Continuing a Worn Out Tradition II', released in July 2021.

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