Tuesday 1 June 2021, 7.30pm

Listening session: Anne Gillis & XT (Paul Abbott & Seymour Wright) – Our/s Bouture(s)

No Longer Available

Please note: music will begin at 8:30pm sharp. Tickets are free but pre-booking is required.

[Dear Anne] "We imagine a room - OTO - which we move around (with sounds) in which we are planting bulbs, sprouts/roots, seeds, graftings/clippings (but these plants are sounds and movements), which grow and evolve organically, but can repeat mechanically. Many births!"

Anne Gillis and XT (Paul Abbott and Seymour Wright) have developed a new work remotely, together. Responding to the invitation above - recorded and assembled - in three locations: Paris (Anne), Brussels (Paul) and London (Seymour).

It will be played - premiered - inside cafe OTO. Following this live 'broadcast', the recording will be available to listen to for free online, for one week between 2 - 9 June.

Alongside the sounds, XT's 'reading room' will open - a selection of texts to accompany their imminent OTOroku LP Deorlaf X.

The collaboration between Anne GIllis and XT has been generously supported by Diaphonique.

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