Thursday 14 September 2017, 7.30pm

AMM All-Stars + Jack'n'Zach

No Longer Available

AMM All-Stars, the "musical arm" of the Association of Musical Marxists (London, 2010-2015), continues to flourish as an independent performance crew. Honed on Ben Watson's Resonance radio hour Late Lunch With Out To Lunch (welcoming in such guests as Trevor Watts and Taneli Viitahuhta), this is the All-Stars' second appearance at Cafe Oto this year ("anyone who rereleases Limescale is a friend of ours!"). Special guests this time are the American duo of Jack Wright (sax) and Zachary Darrup (guitar). Described as "the Johnny Appleseed of North American Improv", Wright (74) has been through Ecstatic Jazz and Berlin Reductionism to invent a fresh style based on his experiences playing with the DIY Electronica of young unprofessionals outside the US metropolitan creative desert. Combined with the "skrunk" (punk+skronk+skunk) guitar of Zachary Darrup (hence "Jack'n'Zach"), the results are so hot and feral they make Peter Baxter (drums) laugh, so we had to play with them. Paul Shearsmith (trumpet, baliphone, squeakers), Len Massey (Theremin), Helen Tate (electrically-magnified violin), Esther Leslie (words), Iris (hand drum), Mordecai (yamaha keyboards), Out To Lunch (piano, mouthnoise) and Cloughie (bassist from Rancid Poultry, the legendary Leeds-based saurkraut rock band Rancid Poultry) fill out the ensemble, which is designed to organically coagulate in various recombinations as the night persists. As Mr Rademacker had it, circa 1972: "Anything can happen in the metabolic pool".

"So in the course of progress all earlier reality becomes unreality, loses its necessity, its right of existence, its rationality; in place of the dying reality comes a new vital reality, peacable when the old is sufficiently sensible to go to its death without a struggle, forcible if it strives against this necessity." Engels, 1888.

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