Sunday 15 May 2016, 8pm

ADAADAT presents: DunningWebsterUnderwood + Rutger Hauser + Romvelope

No Longer Available

Adaadat is a 'polyamorous' London based record label focused on developing brownfield music which retains a dissonant and superannuated aesthetic. Founded in 2002 by Angus Keith and Bjørn Hatleskog, it is best known for releasing a wide range of Experimental Electronic, Breakcore, Chiptune and Noise music. Adaadat was named 'Label of the Month' by John Peel shortly before his death in April 2004. Adaadat is distributed worldwide by Cargo Records.


DunningWebsterUnderwood perform improvised music, avoiding conventional playing of their respective instruments: Turntable, baritone saxophone and tuba. Artist Graham Dunning uses a single turntable with dubplates of field recordings, dentistry tools and other objects to create crackling textures, tones and disjointed noise. Colin Webster is a prolific and experimental improviser who brings a palette of percussive and textural sounds, drawn tones, and raw, searing blasts. Sam Underwood is a musician, producer and instrument maker playing brass rasp and deep, drone, doom layers.

Rutger Hauser

Rutger Hauser's spontaneously generated riffs and beats are peppered with found sounds from cassettes and records, and not-quite-sci-fi interjections of cheap synths and self-made electronics. Unofficial house band of The Lumen Lake experimental music nights at Lewisham Arthouse, Rutger Hauser are dedicated to an inclusive and accessible mode of group improvisation and to having fun in performance.
The band started in 2013 as the duo of John Harries (Sleeps in Oysters) on drums and Jamie Coe on bass/pedals, then rapidly and willfully expanded to include Jon Klaemint Hofgaard on guitar, Lisa Busby (Fingers in the Gloss, Sleeps in Oysters) and Ian Stonehouse on playback media and electronics and Rose Dagul (Rhosyn) on cello. Rutger Hauser's debut album was recorded live in two days in the summer of 2014, at the Electronic Music Studios at Goldsmiths College. Half the material had pre-determined structures, the rest was entirely improvised in the studio, and the record remains as it was performed, with no overdubs.


Bjørn Hatleskog is a London based artist making sound sculptures and releasing music under the moniker Romvelope. His work is located somewhere between electro acoustic music and sound sculptural bricolage. It explores the nature of feedback loops, noise and interference and their relationship with music. These ideas are examined through the construction of modular devices which are combined to form semi-autonomous musical instrument cum sound installations, which function like machines or very primitive computers. They have a programs in the form of a binary code represented visually by the wooden pegs on the discs. But instead of doing something useful like adding numbers or making calculations they generate strange sounds. These installations are in turn used as the basis for musical compositions.

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