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An Trinse

An Trinse is Northern Irish multi instrumentalist and artist Stephen McLaughlin. His music deals with the uneasy atmospheres and silences left in the Irish psyche in the aftermath of colonial and religious repression. It serves as an excavation and exorcism rite of this emotional stasis and asks whether its better to disavow these sentiments to exist day to day or confront them head on in search some kind of resolution.

“An Trinse's evocative soundscapes house smatterings of retro-sounding bubbly synths, but it doesn't come across as cosmic, ultimately feeling more like Tim Hecker's self-examining ambience or Kawabata Makoto's unfurling solo minimalism than the likes of a Klaus Schulze or an Eno. This EP comes very highly recommended for anybody in need of their drone fix, and An Trinse promises plenty more to come.” – The Quietus