Saturday 5 December 2020, 7pm

LIVE STREAM: NEXT Festival: Daniel Blumberg + Monika Subrtova & An Trinse

No Longer Available

The event will be streamed on the NEXT Festival website. The stream is free but if you would like to donate to Cafe OTO to help see us through the current situation, you can do so here.

Founded 2000 in Bratislava, the NEXT Festival of advance music is an annual celebration of exploratory music and sound art – from electronic experiments through free-form improvisation to audio visual projects, it brings together artists that are pushing the boundaries of music.

Since 2015 NEXT Festival is bringing to Cafe OTO artists from East Europe and those who performed at previous editions. This year, the festival will be different, reaching far beyond its physical spaces in Bratislava and London. Due to lockdown restrictions in UK, the NEXT Festival concerts at Café OTO will be streamed via specially designed virtual reality environment.

For more information about the festival, please visit:

Daniel Blumberg

Daniel Blumberg

Daniel Blumberg is an artist from London.

He has released three solo albums on Mute, Liv (2014), Minus (2018) and On&On (2020), and composed the score for the film The World To Come (dir. Mona Fastvold, 2020).

He regularly collaborates with Billy Steiger, Ute Kanngiesser, Tom Wheatley and operates in the groups GUO with Seymour Wright, and BAHK with Elvin Brandhi.

His drawings have been exhibited at Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Union Gallery London and MACRO Rome.

Monika Subrtova

Monika Subrtova is the London based, Slovakian electronica producer who is also half of the Jamka project. OMNIA marks her debut solo outing, offering another facet to her work beyond the mechanoid chimeras of techno, industrial muscularity, and polyvalent modular synthesis found within Jamka's lauded works.

An extension of a commission for Slovak Radio, OMNIA sports three tracks of slipstream techno with a polished veneer of mid-tempo sequencing that slide through recombinant variations on the themes. The moderate pace allows for these pieces of to breath with an effortless sway to the melody on "/.//" that updates the cold perfection of Conrad Schnitzler's "Ballet Mechanique." Hints of Coil's moon musik lurk in the elegantly produced "/.//". Subrtova teases out one arpeggiated texture after another in the rather majestic finale "/.//". Fans of the rhythmic offerings from Janushoved and Berhgain-era Vatican Shadow would be well served with OMNIA.

An Trinse

Northern Irish artist Stephen McLaughlin has been operating in London’s experimental music scene as An Trinse for 5 years but the visual component to the project which has evolved this year is something new. Though working as an animator in the creative industry for nearly a decade this is the first time he has used these skills within in his own artistic practice

This work is based on research undertaken looking into connections between ancient civilisations and speculative history of a global prehistoric society with advanced manufacturing technology that was destroyed by some kind of apocalyptic event leaving few clues to their origin. This is something especially troubling here deep in the Anthropocene where signs of societal and ecological collapse seem to loom.

This was originally presented at CTM affiliated Vorspiel festival in Berlin January 2020 but has now been reworked into a more dynamic live visual performance developed with Monika Subrtova.

An Trinse piece ‘Ethics of Display’ is currently showing at Most Dismal Swamp’s online exhibition: