Lila Matsumoto

Lila Matsumoto’s latest publication is Two Twin Pipes Sprout Water (Prototype Publishing, 2021), a Winter 2021 Poetry Book Society Recommendation. Looking to the fictive possibilities of poetry, and poetry’s affinities to song and music, the collection explores the theme of contingency: as individuated, ordinary-extraordinary moments, as broader cultural milieu, and as resonances of social and environmental inequity. Rooted in descriptions of objects and nature, these illustrative poems offer a sense of the world as an observed tableau, inviting the reader in as an involved and knowing participant in the creation of a strange yet familiar world.

Lila's other publications include the poetry collection Urn & Drum (Shearsman, 2018) and the chapbooks Soft Troika (If a Leaf Falls Press, 2016) and Allegories from my Kitchen (Sad Press, 2015). 

She teaches poetry and creative-critical writing at the University of Nottingham and plays in the bands Food People and Cloth.