Saturday 5 February 2022, 8pm

Feature: Lawrence Lek / Lila Matsumoto / Edmund Hardy / Seb SMS (DJ) / All Night Flight (DJ)

No Longer Available

Feature is a new event series inviting contributors from the worlds of art, poetry, and performance. This first iteration welcomes Lawrence Lek (artist/musician), Lila Matsumoto (poet/musician) and Edmund Hardy (poet/filmmaker), with Seb SMS (DJ) and All Night Flight (DJ). 


Lawrence Lek

Lawrence Lek 陆明龙 is a London-based artist working with moving image, performance, video games, and installation. He draws from a background in architecture and electronic music to build virtual worlds through a process of collage that combines narrative and material environments. Blurring distinctions between film and game, his works are known for their portrayal of nomadic characters within technological landscapes, and for exploring themes of identity, memory, control, and agency.  

Lila Matsumoto

Lila Matsumoto’s latest publication is Two Twin Pipes Sprout Water (Prototype Publishing, 2021), a Winter 2021 Poetry Book Society Recommendation. Looking to the fictive possibilities of poetry, and poetry’s affinities to song and music, the collection explores the theme of contingency: as individuated, ordinary-extraordinary moments, as broader cultural milieu, and as resonances of social and environmental inequity. Rooted in descriptions of objects and nature, these illustrative poems offer a sense of the world as an observed tableau, inviting the reader in as an involved and knowing participant in the creation of a strange yet familiar world.

Lila's other publications include the poetry collection Urn & Drum (Shearsman, 2018) and the chapbooks Soft Troika (If a Leaf Falls Press, 2016) and Allegories from my Kitchen (Sad Press, 2015). 

She teaches poetry and creative-critical writing at the University of Nottingham and plays in the bands Food People and Cloth. 

Edmund Hardy / Namida Red

Edmund Hardy / Namida Red is a writer and filmmaker of mixed Japanese-British heritage. He published a book of experimental philology, Complex Crosses (Contraband Books, 2014), and writes regularly on politics and poetry for Tribune and other publications. His films — the most recent being ‘A Field of Islands’ (2020) and 'Red Moon Journey' (2021) — combine animation, documentary, and dream-like narrative. Every Cruel Thing (Monitor Books, 2021) is his first collection of poetry.

Seb Mariner + All Night Flight

Seb Mariner co-founded NTS Manchester and the party series Stop Making Sense (SMS). He now works with the Manchester Camerata. All Night Flight Records is a select record shop in Stockport dealing predominately in left-field, experimental, electronic, and worldwide sounds.