Kenny Process Team

Twenty five years after the release of their debut album, Kenny Process Team have once again reignited and regrouped, with a new line-up and a new vinyl release. Influenced by everything from ragtime to Beefheart to Congolese soukous, this most uplifting of instrumental ensembles has been a sporadic and enigmatic presence on the London gig circuit since the early 1990s, assisted by an ever-shifting cast of supporting characters including Eugene Chadbourne, Mother Earth’s Matt Deighton, guitarist Simon King and performance artist Roney FM. The core of the group, drummer Dave Ross, bassist Matt Armstrong and guitarist Kev Plummer, are a unique trio with a mutual musical understanding that borders on magical; together they create vivid rhythmic, melodic and harmonic colours, ranging from the downright muddy to the completely dazzling. Theirs has been a long and undulating musical journey involving festivals in Warsaw, concerts broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and accidents on canals in Amsterdam. The sudden passing of former member Simon King in 2018 prompted the band to reform, performing at a memorial concert in his honour with King’s parts played by Scritti Politti’s Rhodri Marsden (at whose wedding the band had played back in 1995.) This prompted a new surge of activity, with the vinyl re-release of a 1995 live performance on the Vacilando ’68 label (Travlin’ Light With…) and the assembling of new and old tunes for a series of performances around the UK.