31 December 2020 Watch

Mountain Full Edition & Absolute Purity

We were incredibly sad to have to postpone the visit of Mountain / Full Edition back in April having asked them to play at OTO ahead of their Counterflows performance, so were cheered when they sent us this half hour edit of collaborative work made with Chinese band Absolute Purity for the Yokohama Triennial. A mix of road movies and studio works, the footage got us in the mood for a party in 2021. Can't wait to host these guys when possible. 


Mountain / Full Edition were formed by Kentaro Imai, Misako Yabuuchi, and BuBu de la Madeleine in 2013. The members from various backgrounds actively incorporate their activities and interests in Performing art, Contemporary art, Technology, Nature, Diversity in social environment, Political issues and else into the performance, expanding and transforming the concept of the collective, seeking unconventional expression.

Musicians, contemporary artists, dancer, engineers, activists, protesters, care workers, kids, and curators have participated. This diversity represents looseness and indefinite form as a band. Like a transforming ridge-line, Mountain / Full edition resonate with the society, breaking the pre-established harmony.

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