Yong Yong – Meet Lord Prince 'I'nfinito

Yong Yong tap into some “Torraye Braggs shit.” Downtempo signals, ghetto tech jibber, skull caps under knit beanies, hacky sack. A kind of pan-ethnic cooking analogy comes to mind: a plume of brown spices, melodies like foreign legumes.

Fire up Dr. Sammy Sample and reappropriate whatever, basically. Smoothness is definitely not a priority – don’t save this for your BeatsByDre. I use cellphone speakers and let the bass snap like a baby carrot.

B-side trades in ADD groove splicing for an extended trip. Less cut-and-paste here; more long-form four the floor. Things melting into other things. For the dancefloor in your day spa.


Goaty Tapes, 2015