Shofar – Right Before It Started

Shofar was founded by Raphael Rogiński in 2007. From the very beginning, its program consists of music related to the mystical Jewish tradition. The pieces they perform come from pre-war musicological research from Ukraine, Poland and Moldova. They are most often "niguns", or "magical religious songs that are supposed to introduce into a trance and ecstasy".

By keeping the sound material of the melody unchanged, it is possible to get to know the entire spectrum of Hasidic music and the culture associated with it. The enormity of this tradition is filtered at the end by the personalities of all three musicians. In this band, the music is the music of the present, not a museum specimen.

The latest album was named "Right Before It Started" as it indeed happened to be recorded just the day before the first lockdown, back in March 2020. Out of confusion, anxiety and uncertainty of that moment came the music being quite opposite - meditative, balanced and hopeful.

The record is also available on double vinyl (12"+8") via Gusstaff Records.


Raphael Rogiński / guitar
Mikołaj Trzaska / saxophone, bass clarinet
Macio Moretti / drums
Elisabeth Harnik / prepared piano on track 4


right before it started was recorded by Shofar at Zolton/Morton Studios in Warsaw. Mixed by Paweł Krawczyk at Studio im. Kazimierza Deyny
Mastered by Sebastian Imbierowicz at home.
All tunes traditional, except "Zay Zayer (Imperial)" by Shofar.
Photos by Artur Lądownik
Design by Macio

[1] Mevorah No. 24
[2] Shovel Pigon No. 20
[3] Mi Chomocho (Romancer)
[4] Waruch Mevon No. 49
[5] Baromether Gadol No. 97
[6] Royfotel Yafim No. 22
[7] Hoshev Shchinoscho (Bobov)
[8] Zay Zayer (Imperial)

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7 Jun 2022 – 8PM


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