S Mercure – 30-15

30:15" is the latest sound work from S. Mercure. The title refers to the length of the 9-track album.

It was elaborated with material from Mercure's personal sound archive: unfinished projects and past/recent experimentations. After spending a great amount of time listening through hundred of samples out of their initial context, a limited number of 20 samples were selected and classified in 6 categories: FORWARD, BACKGROUND, RHYTHM, TEXTURE, AS-IS and SOURCE.

30:15" materialized with the basic idea of creating a written structure for each track before diving into any sort of editing and audio processing.

Samples, order, the time at which to use them, as well as their eventual manipulation were all informations declared in advance. This "planning" inevitably created some unpleasant results that had to remain in the final mix in order to stay true to the initial structure.

Relying on a methodical concept is recurrent in Mercure's work. Using constraints to dictate the source material and method of work have been observed in past projects.

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. 02:29" - 02:29
2. 03:52" - 03:52
3. 04:23" - 04:23
4. 04:06" - 04:06
5. 03:39" - 03:39
6. 03:09" - 03:09
7. 01:46" - 01:46
8. 04:58" - 04:58
9. 01:52" - 01:52