Pedro Chambel and Bruno Duplant – Wald

Wald or "Forest" when translated from German is a project from longtime collaborators Pedro Chambel and Bruno Duplant. The two artists developed a 41-minute track based on a variety of samples taken from their personal collection of found material and field recordings.

Evoking nature and wilderness, these samples have been carefully assembled to create a soundscape from which Wald takes form. We witness a meticulous work of sound manipulation, in which the source is carefully modified, so that the final result gives the impression of being familiar and alien at the same time.

Inspired by the work of Henry David Thoreau and the environmentalism movement, Wald uses duality to emphasize the questions it wishes to ask: is nature still a space for wildness or has it been tamed? Is nature as we know it today simply a practical opposition to civilisation and urban areas? Can the true essence of nature remain unviolated only if humans are absent? Does nature still exist?

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. Wald - 41:00