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OMMU – OMMU in Netherlands

OMMU lived and played in the Netherlands throughout the late 60s early 70s – it was their second home. They stayed mainly at the home of music entrepreneur Anita de Jazz in Delft (near Jan Vermeer’s house). OMMU only ever played a couple of gigs in England, and returned to the Netherlands in 1980 for a little tour.

All three played with the PEOPLE BAND & Ian Dury’s “KILBURN & The HIGHROADS”.
Davey continued with the “BLOCKHEADS’ & Charlie with Ronnie Lanes “SLIM CHANCE”.


Davey Payne / saxes, flute, percussion

Charlie Hart / basses, violin, marimba, percussion

Terry Day / drums, alto sax, percussion


Recorded in Zwolle 1970 & at Vrije Akademie in the Hague 1969. Edited by Terry Day. Mastering Charlie Hart.

Avaliable as a 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC


1.  Zwolle 1970 - 34:55

2.  Vrije Akademie 1969 - 25:04