Odie ji Ghast – DOMESTIC recordings

Another snapshot of lockdown life here on the shitty Brexit Isles, This time Odie ji Ghast aka Greta Buitkute (Labas Krabas, Historically Fucked etc) invites you to their abode in the thriving creative hive of Gateshead (don't call it Newcastle, ya bam!). Multitracked vocals (both gibber and song) get mixed in with dictaphone, home appliances, keyboards and "loud thoughts". An intimate insight into the clutter revolution.

"2020 summer full of domesticity that's soaked in time slow moving back and forth between arising direction and reflections on past crumbles" - Odie ji Ghast


Chocolate Monk, 2021

Odie Ji Ghast

It started as my solo work that is more linked with production. I tend to stick to my way of recording voice on dictophone device (or, these days, more often on my phone). Then I mash that lo-fi recording with samples, put my voice like a cherry on top.

In recent years Odie Ji Ghast became my performer name also, and I don’t hesitate to use it for whatever. Essentially though, this artist lives digitally more than stays gropeable, real and clean in the present. It is a voice that goes through microphones, dictophones, sound machines and wires. That is when Odie Ji Ghast happened anyway - when she got fascinated and heavily consumed by sound that is crackling. And can I take one step away from the sound of acoustic? Visible, front-line - for a second can I sneakily escape?

I play around with instruments from time to time but I take nothing but voice onto the stage. Because only that (and me fiddling with software at home) is what truly represents what this artist is solo. Plus some things I write, and some songs I sing when alone. So this is me trying to present a singular musical body in its most natural format.


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