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Melting Bridge 融化橋 – 我們從明天來 / We Come From Tomorrow

Melting Bridge 融化橋 is John Tucker and Pia Hsieh. With one half hailing from California, and the other, Taipei, this peculiar meeting of minds led to the forging of an incredible musical bond. 

The Taiwan-based ambient/experimental duo have formed a unique set of sounds from their extensive experimentation with beautiful acoustic Eastern instruments such as the Guzheng, Suona, Dizi and more modern digital tools such Environmental Sounds, Drum Machines, Prepared Electric Guitar and Synthesizers.

"The environments we inhabited during the recording process really shaped the sound. Tainan, the original capital city of Taiwan— that houses antiquity in a sonic environment that is both rich with the sounds of Taoist ceremony as it is with internal combustion engines — inspired a balance of religious influence and abrasive textures. Taipei’s polarity to Tainan, as a metropolis that is teeming with fierce energy of expansion and rising as a monolith of modernization produced a sense of conflict and reconciliation."

Described as a conflict between tradition and modernity, Melting Bridge 融化橋guides the listener into a continuum of time and space, with the vessel being their incredible 9-track full-length debut "我們從明天來" (We Come From Tomorrow), out now on Evening Chants. 


Recorded and Produced by Melting Bridge 融化橋
Mastered by Madzine
Artwork by Pia Hsieh
Design by Jasmine Ho


Released on Evening Chants

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