Recorded at Cafe OTO, London on the 21st December 2016. Leon is a celebration of this one night in Dalston, and was originally released on Friday 16th December 2017 in an edition of 60 cassettes. 



1. Matt Krefting - Live
2. Matthew P. Hopkins - Live

Available as 320kbp MP3 or 24bit FLAC 

Matthew P. Hopkins

Matthew P. Hopkins is a sound maker based in Melbourne, Australia. Hopkins employs a mixed bag of source material; prepared cassettes, found sounds, feedback, assorted electronics, processed voice, and occasional instrumentation, to produce work characterised by awry ambience, sombre refrains, hissing clunk, and odd atmospheres.

Hopkins has released recordings through Penultimate Press (UK), Vittelli Records (UK), Alberts Basement (AU), Canti Magnetici (IT), and Thalamos (GR).

Matt Krefting

Krefting is a composer, performer, poet and writer based in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Krefting's deep-rooted chronology is seeded in the foundation of the Apostasy imprint, and its numerous transitory groups. He’s played in some of the most unwaveringly defiant Northeastern bands of the past decade including Son of Earth and The Believers and gained a formidable reputation for solo, tape based experimental work. His early sought after micro-editions led to the critically acclaimed 'High Hopes' and ‘Lymph Est’ - the gorgeous yet unsettling first album on Kye Records, in which ‘treated voices, piano, samples and T.V. grabs are ushered into a series of soft-focus miniatures that are built to be razed in a perpetual cycle of triumph and defeat.’

Matt Kreftings writing has been published by Glass Eye Books and Kendra Steiner Editions, as well as in The Wire.